Who is Phoebe?

Phoebe chihuahua at the hospitalPhoebe is my adorable, long hair chihuahua who has been a major inspiration for me. Phoebe was born with two heart abnormalities that require life-long medical management. I adopted her knowing this, as the breeder was only willing to give her to someone with a veterinary background, who understood the risks of her condition. Phoebe can be described as a bundle of happiness bursting with joy. I’ve never met such a grateful, happy dog who loves life like she does. She sure doesn’t let her heart condition get her down! Her amazing spirit made her the perfect choice for the “face,” of Phoebe’s Pampered Pets.Phoebe black and white chihuahua

When working at the specialty hospital, I would often hear about clients being upset that medical boarding wasn’t available. I felt this was a great opportunity to help pets and their families, thinking “I can do that!” Thus Phoebe’s Pampered Pets was born. Now I’m able to use my experience to provide professional, compassionate care for pets where they are the most comfortable, in their own home.  ~Melissa Boose, RVT


*We sadly lost Phoebe in cardiac surgery on January 28, 2016. Phoebe’s Pampered Pets, LLC, will continue on in her memory.